The Cursed Vessel UB-65


On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the boys start off by talking about how researchers have long known that eye contact is an important social signal. Our recognition of its import may even be hardwired. One study found that five-day-old babies prefer looking at faces that make direct eye contact compared with faces that have an averted gaze. Then, they bring up a recent Black Eyed Kid encounter by a hunter, Then, archaeologists working in southern Nevada have found nearly 20 sites used by ancient hunter-gatherers as much as 12,000 years ago. And even though the sites are remote, they weren’t discovered by accident. Scientists expected to find them there. About 160 kilometers [100 miles] northeast of Las Vegas, researchers from the Utah-based firm Logan Simpson discovered 19 separate sites containing a variety of stone points, biface blades, and other artifacts associated with the Paleoarchaic Period, an era ranging from 7,000 to 12,000 years ago. Then, after the break the guys talk about the history of submarines and a haunted or cursed vessel called UB-65 and some true tales of haunted cruise ships! Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Don’t forget you can always get more by signing up for Expanded Perspectives Elite. Just go to the website and follow the instructions. Also, you share your stories with the guys by emailing the show at or by calling the show 817-945-3828. Have a great Week!

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