Antonio Paris of Aerial Phenomenon

Antonio Paris PictureOn this episode the guys talk about the Lost City of Giants found in Ecuador, Stone Buildings found on Mars, a bigfoot sighting in Idaho and interview Antonio Paris of Aerial Phenomena. Antonio, the Founder and Director of the Aerial Phenomena, is a former US Army Counterintelligence Officer and Department of Defense Counterintelligence Special Agent. He was awarded a Bronze Star for combat operations in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Today, Antonio works for the science, technology and engineering firm Science Applications International Corp. (ISR & Space Operations) supporting several US Government clients in the Washington, DC area. AntonioHe has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from The City University of New York and a Master’s of Science in Planetary Science from the American Public University. Additionally, Antonio is the Director and Founder of the Center for Planetary Science – a science outreach program bringing astronomy, planetary science, and astrophysics to the next generation of space explorers. Antonio, moreover, is a member of the Washington Academy of Sciences, the National Capital Astronomers; and has appeared in dozens of radio shows, webcasts, and cable TV interviews, including volunteer consulting work for the popular TV series Unsealed: The Alien Files.  He is the author of Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century; and the director and producer for the documentary Area 51: A History of this Reclusive Base.

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  1. Michael Simpkins November 5, 2013 @ 7:39 pm

    Hi Guys, first, I love your shows. Second, just an FYI, The audio on this episode is kinda off. I have the volume turned all the way up and I can hardly hear anything that is being said. Thanks, keep up the good work!


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