Cryptid Cats in Texas


This week on Expanded Perspectives the guys chat with Michael Mayes “The Texas Cryptid Hunter” about black panthers in the state of Texas. Michael Mayes is a researcher, coach, author, outdoorsman and an overall great guy! He joins the guys with a very interesting interview about the little known about black cats that roam the Texas countryside despite the fact that the local Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist dispute their existence.

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  1. I was excited to hear this episode because I took a road trip through California the last week of September this year, and stopped at the Winchester house myself! I was amazed to here that you smelled a woman’s perfume because while I was there, specifically in the Daisy room, both my husband and I got a huge whiff of old fashioned woman’s perfume!!! It was quite an experience! We only smelled it in one specific part of the room and if you took a few steps away it would totally disappear. No one else in our tour noticed it or said anything about it. It was so strong to me that it felt like someone sprayed it right in my face. Glad you got to experience something as well! After the tour we told the ladies who worked in the gift shop and they were genuinely stunned.


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